Barnett Writes:

My daughter Chloe who was 7 years old at the time, started going to Alla’s class in July 2017 for about a month before the summer holidays began. In that one month, Chloe has already begun to show quite an improvement in her skills.

Alla is a great teacher, she emphasizes not only the theories and techniques according to the RCM, it is the minor details that she keeps reminding Chloe. She is always showing her how a piece can be played better, and with more musicality. Alla holds two recitals a year which is great experience for Chloe as it brings out her confidence.

Alla always encourages Chloe to improve herself, she even recommended her to compete in the Ottawa Steinway Competition. At this point she has only just started Level 1 RCM, however, Chloe would be playing a piece that is Level 4/5 for the competition! Chloe was nervous that day, but Alla was there to encourage her and calm her. I was very impressed that she was there for all her students who competed.

It has now been just less than 3  years since Chloe started learning how to play piano, she is already at Level 5 RCM. Chloe’s RCM mark is much higher than National Average. I am so happy and glad that we have chosen Alla as Chloe’s piano teacher.

Alla sent her to the International Concert Festival Competition. It was definitely worth trying; she won the Grand Prix prize and performed at Lincoln Centre in New York in spring 2019 and won Grand Prix in spring 2020 with a honor to play at Carnegie Hall. In June 2020 Chloe won Kiwanis Provincials competition.  

Kandy Writes:

My two kids started to learn piano with Alla in February 2020.  At that time, my daughter Heather just learnt one song of RCM Level 1 and my son Brendan finished the RCM Level 3 exam.  It was tough at the beginning as Alla set a high standard for them from the way they should place their wrists to the little details of how a piece of music should be played.  Alla always showed them how to do things correctly and encouraged them to do their best.  Once they passed the transition period, everything started to come along.  Within 14 months, Heather passed her RCM Level 6 exam with first class honours results while she just turned eight, and Brendan is already half way through RCM Level 8.  This year, Heather got 3rd place at Kiwanis Festival for her age group and Brendan won 1st place for his grade level.  Alla always keeps learning fun.  She asked the kids to listen to all the songs in List C and decide on which pieces to learn themselves.  When she noticed that kids are bored with always learning music from the curriculum book, she asked them to look for some song they like and suits their level to learn.  Alla also emphasizes that music is a lifelong hobby to enjoy which is also what we wanted to give our kids.  She is an amazing teacher and I couldn’t ask for a better one for my own children.

Hua Writes:

My daughter Maggie started piano lessons with Alla three years ago when she was 8, from absolute ground 0. Now she plays piano pieces of RCM level 5 and will take the level 4 exam soon.

Alla is a phenomenal pianist. Watching her playing classical masterpieces reveals what it takes to be a good piano teacher.  Alla is also strict. She demands dedication and challenging progress from students. One has to take the study seriously enough to consistently spend time and effort on it in order to meet her expectation. In that sense, she not only teaches knowledge and skills but also passes her passion and discipline for piano to students.  In Alla’s piano school, those making commitment truly thrive.

Maggie Writes:

My son Howard showed his interest in music and piano at an early age. He started to take group MYC classes at 4 years old, and began private lessons of RCM program in September 2013. A year later, due to change of school schedules, we had to find a new teacher close by and lucky enough we found Alla through a friend and we never regretted making the move!

Howard started with Alla when he was at the end of Level 1 RCM. After less than a year, he is almost done with Level 3 study. Besides, he went to compete at the Contemporary Show Case and won a chance to perform at the Show Gala at Ottawa U before X’mas 2014. More excitingly, Alla sent him to the International Concert Festival Competition. It was definitely worth trying; he won the grand prix prize and performed at Carnegie Hall in New York in spring 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019. He also got to go for a musical tour to Lisbon and Paris! In addition, he won first prize at Kiwanis festival in 2018. Thanks to Alla for encouraging him and for helping him build up the interest and confidence in music learning!

Alla is not just focusing primarily on performance. She also instills the fundamentals with attention to all the details, emphasizes the theories and techniques with workbook exercises for each single piece practiced. This has enabled Howard to excel in his musical experience and has provided a solid foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment playing music.

Alla is a gifted pianist and a responsible teacher who invests her experience, passion for music, and inspiration for individual success in her students.

Chris Song Writes:

My son Victor has been studying with Alla for the past nine months. We have noticed significant improvements in his knowledge and skill, especially his hand position. In addition, Alla has encouraged him to succeed and challenge himself. Victor won a Grand Prix of the New York Concert Festival Music Competition 2019 and performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York at the age of 8. He also won a Third Prize of Kiwanis Festival this year. We are amazed at his rapid progress. Thank you, Alla!  

Alicja Writes:

Ottawa Piano School is a real school. Yes, the classroom is Alla`s piano room and she is the only one running it but it is a real school. The students get a comprehensive musical education: from encouraging a correct hand position and counting to understanding composer`s intentions and being able to incorporate student`s own interpretation of the piece. Each student gets personal attention to achieve most in his/her journey to master playing piano. Over last two years, I`ve seen my son`s ability to play piano grow. I see his joy in picking up new music pieces from the RCM curriculum and other sources. The series of workshops on accompaniment which Alla run this year allow him to play his own creations (we never document them ). He is asking if there will be other ones and I hope that they will. Each theme for a bi-yearly recital is exciting. It allows to learn more about a specific period (Baroque music), a region (Russian composers) and even for those who never played a piano to try (duets). For each theme Alla also gives a lecture so the students (and parents) can learn more about it. It is a school because we meet other students before and after classes, during recitals, lectures and workshops. We hear them performing before RCM exams and we learn more about their achievements every time Alla talks about them.  As a parent, I love an opportunity to participate in my son`s classes, I enjoy Alla`s recordings of every musical piece he`s learnt, feel a part of this particular music school community.

Renfei Writes:

Outstanding Russian piano teacher Alla, have decades of teaching experience, have a high theoretical and practical knowledge in Piano, the teaching students have significant progress in short-term , Her students distributed in RCM 1-10 grade, encouraging parents to take the audio and video recording during teaching, she taught students participated in regional and international competitions had won many awards.

Sandy Writes:

My two children have studied piano with Alla for two years, she is passionate about teaching others to learn and appreciate playing the piano.

In addition to the RCM curriculum, she adds Russian music pieces from her own culture and other music pieces to develop her student’s interest to the love of music. She also adds fun to learning by introducing duets for kids. I was most impressed that the children were able to accomplish playing together even though they were at different levels.

Alla also encourages children to participate in the Kanata Music Club as an opportunity to perform before other children learning the piano. Her students gather for recitals not only to share their accomplishments with each other, family, and friends, but also to delight others such as folks at seniors’ residence homes.

Alla truly has the gift to share the joy of music with others.

Martine Writes:

Ma fille Evelyne suit des cours de piano avec Alla depuis près de deux ans et a fait des progrès remarquables.

Alla a su lui transmettre sa passion pour la musique tout en la sensibilisant à la mécanique, mais de façon très douce et songée.

Ma fille apprend les rudiments du piano avec plaisir tout en bénificiant de la structure et de la rigueur essentielle d’Alla. De plus, elle l’implique dans le choix des morceaux ce qui nourrit son intérêt et sa motivation. Elle l’encourage aussi à improviser, à composer, à chanter et à s’épanouir à travers cette discipline.

Alla est clairement une fine pédagogue qui se passionne pour ses élèves.

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